We are investors in New Zealand businesses that are focused on growth in large international markets. We have a track record of partnering with owners and managers to build value in their businesses. Our team has a breadth of skills and experience in operating, investing in and guiding businesses through all stages of growth. We are New Zealand owned and operated and are committed to investing in a responsible manner. 


We have invested in 23 businesses.  Collectively, they have over 50 offices in a dozen major markets, employ over 4,000 people and have aggregate annual revenue of over $1 billion, of which over 80% is earned outside of New Zealand.

We support our investee businesses with both investment capital and strategic involvement through their boards and alongside executive leadership.  We have contributed to growth on every occasion.  For example, we have assisted in: setting strategic goals; hiring key executives and directors; making acquisitions; refinancing; tracking market developments; accessing public markets; managing difficult situations; and identifying and engaging in-market partners, customers and specialist co-investors through our global networks.

The foundation for our investment relies on the potential for a true partnership with owners and management and the associated alignment of interests in achieving strategic goals. We are pleased with the strong relationships we have built.


We focus on New Zealand businesses managed by highly capable teams, expanding in large international markets, earning meaningful revenue and delivering high value products and services to their customers.  Typically these businesses export the majority of their products and services.

We partner with owners and managers of private businesses through investing $10 million – $50 million (or more in partnership with our limited partners or specialist co-investors) of private equity investment and helping them to build value through growth.

We also partner through lending $2 million – $10 million (or more through syndication) of private debt and provide greater flexibility than other forms of funding.

Our investment capital primarily funds growth, which may include acquisitions.  It may also provide a bridge to public markets, a refinancing or a change of ownership.


We are a responsible investor.  Our focus on investing and partnering for growth creates value for a broad range of stakeholders.

The businesses we invest in benefit and support employees, customers, suppliers and the communities in which they operate. Our investment partners are sophisticated institutions and family offices who are themselves highly successful investors and demand high standards from us.  We invest a substantial amount of our own capital alongside them.

We adhere to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing and utilise responsible investment methodology in our investment assessment, management and reporting.

We are members of and active contributors to the New Zealand Private Capital industry.